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No other Applicant tracking system has the broad range of useful features for the dollar that you will find in Safari:

Complete Integrated Contact Manager
Imagine how much your Recruiters could get done if your ACT!TM , GoldmineTM or Sales LogixTM contact manager software was properly connected to all the files they need to DO the things they need. Safari's got it. And, with advanced conflict checks for everybody at your firm, Safari can schedule all your future appointments and meetings without conflicts.

Tracking of Personal Schedules
Safari will actually keep track of all of your Applicants, and what hours, shifts, days, and dates they are willing to work. It is easy to enter - and searchable!

Searching and Ranking based on Availability
Of course Safari can search on skills and abilities, but after that Safari goes on to rank the qualified candidates for your assignment by which ones availability best matches the clients requirements. Another Safari first in Applicant Tracking Software!

Safari even Tracks Certificates
These days, there are licenses and certificates required in almost every industry and everywhere you look. Tracking these on all your Applicants would be a difficult and time-consuming task if you do not have Safari. And the liability from sending out a Candidate with an expired license could ruin your business! Safari not only tracks multiple licenses and certificates, but can alert you prior to their expiration on all your Applicants. Another Staffing Solution from Safari!

Work History Log Built In
Applicant Tracking of the work chronology for each Applicant shouldn't require a lot of work on your part. And now it doesn't - as Safari maintains the work chronology log for you automatically as-you-go!

Unlimited Resume Database
With Safari, there is no limit to the amount or the type of data stored. Save text, Word, Videos, Audios, .avi, .bmp, .tiff, .jpg, .PDF, and 72 other formats. See them from your desk, and send them to others. Safari users with over 60,000 documents on file are common. Knowledge is power - and with Safari, your staff has more knowledge. No other applicant tracking software can hold as much data as Safari!

Website Integration
You can enjoy safe and secure website integration with Safari - posting your Job Openings to your website, and importing applications from your website - without the risks of locating your valuable resume database on your web server. The Safari system will stay safe and secure in your office and behind your firewall - and reach out to integrate with the websites (plural) you choose! Now web-based recruiting doesn't have to mean risking your valuable data.

Over 16 years of Development
One reason we have more features-per-dollar than any other Applicant Tracking System is the length of our association with the staffing industry. When Applicant Tracking Software is all you do, and you have been continuously developing and improving your product for 16 years - your going to have a product that's hard to beat!





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