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If you do contract recruiting you'll love these features in Safari:

Tracking of personal schedules
Safari will actually keep track of all of your Temps, and what hours, shifts, days, and dates they are willing to work. It is easy to enter - and searchable!

Searching and ranking based on Availability
Of course Safari can search on skills and abilities, but after that Safari goes on to rank the qualified Hourlies for your assignment by which ones availability best matches the clients requirements. This is a real benefit in Temp Staffing!

Map-It!TM feature
The push of one button - the Map-It!TM feature in Safari - can give you either directions from the Contractors house to the Job, (including route, miles, and estimated time to travel) or simply show you a map so you know where the Assignment is. And these maps and directions are email-able, of course.
Another Contract Staffing Solution from Safari!

Automatic Recruiter Notifications
You'll never miss an appointment again, as Safari's exclusive Moment's Notice™ feature keeps you informed - no matter what page or screen of Safari you are on - of all your reminders and appointments. PLUS: with just a click, you can GO to that file because Safari is fully-relational!

History and Placement Logs
You make the assignments, we'll write it down. Every contractor or temp-to-hire placement you make, Safari will record the term, the rates, the markups, the conversion fee, and all the details for you. This information is permanently recorded and automatically attached to the Job Order, the Client, and the Employee's file.

Temp-to-Perm conversions
Safari will convert your Temp-to-Perm assignments to fees with our unique, built-in fee system.

Expanded Resume Database
With Safari, there is no limit to the amount or the type of data stored. Save text, Word, Videos, Audios, .avi, .bmp, .tiff, .jpg, .PDF, and 72 other formats. See them from your desk, and send them to others.
Safari users with over 60,000 documents on file are common. Knowledge is power - and with Safari, your staff has more knowledge.

Automated Timesheet Entry
Safari has two solutions to your timesheet problem: either 1) have the Safari Billing module automatically build and enter the timesheets for you - (all that is left is for you to validate the timesheets when they come in), or 2) use our on-line electronic timesheet system to allow the Employees to enter their own hours over the internet, and your clients to approve and electronically sign-off on them.

Not One - but Two BackOffice Solutions
Accounting, A/P, A/R, Invoicing and Payroll the way you like it. We offer your choice of a complete timesheet and invoicing system in the Safari Front Office that will export to your current back-office software; or a complete, fully-integrated back-office solution that will run your whole Company. Especially designed for contract staffing - this is your complete staffing solution!

Marketing the Safari Way
Use Safari to Mass-Mail, Broadcast Fax, and Broadcast eMail personalized, mail-merged announcements, fliers, letters and newsletters to all your temps, contractors and clients!





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