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Engineering Staffing becomes automated and easy with these powerful Safari features…

The Safari Search Engine in Engineering Staffing
There is no other searching tool in Engineering and Manufacturing Staffing that can equal the Safari search engine on its speed, ease of use, and ability to learn all the unique vocabulary associated with Engineering.
Safari Learns: Here are a few examples: train your Safari that EE and ELECTRICAL ENGINEER are the same thing so you can always get both anytime you ask for either one. And that if someone is mentioning AUTOCAD or CADKEY on their resume, that represents the same skill set as far as you're concerned.
Safari Searches: Everything. All text, all resumes (in Word and in Text) and all data in all the fields.
Field-specific Searches: Sometimes you don't want an answer to your search from anywhere in the Applicants file. You want an answer from a specific field - and Safari gives you that search too - even if that field is one of your own creations.
Proximity Searches:allow you to locate the Temp, Contractor, Consultant, or Perm Candidate closest to the job.
Availability Searches:Safari ranks the applicants for you based on their availability to meet the client's schedule.

Complete Integrated Contact Manager
Now your Engineering Manager contact can be in the same file as your Project Engineers, AutoCAD operators, HR Manager, and everybody else you know at every account. Complete with notes of your previous conversations with them and reminders to contact them again. And because our Contact Manager is integrated within Safari, your notes are right next to the Job Orders, Placements and Timesheets for this account - no hunting around!

Automatic Recruiter Notifications
Safari will notify your staff automatically as your Temps go to work, as their assignments come up for renewal, as their licenses and certificates are expiring, and with any other items you tell it to remind you about.

Work History Log Built In
The complete log of both positions held and hours worked (with Bill rate and Pay rate) are maintained for you by Safari automatically.

Send Multiple Candidates at One Time
It's easy to send resumes, videos, audio files, certificates, and other information about several of your candidates to a client in a single email or fax.

Customizable Screens
We know Engineering staffing is unique. That's why you can have Safari use screens and forms of your own design. Add fields for skills that have drop-down lists to select from, add years-of-experience, design and engineering specialties, whatever you want.

Unlimited Resume Database
With Safari, there is no limit to the amount or the type of data stored. Save text, Word, Videos, Audios, .avi, .bmp, .tiff, .jpg, .PDF, and 72 other formats. See them from your desk, and send them to others. Safari users with over 60,000 documents on file are common. Knowledge is power - and with Safari, your staff has more knowledge.

Website Integration
You can put an employment application on your website that is specific to engineering and manufacturing staffing, and Safari can import those applications automatically for you. You can also post Job Descriptions and Applicant thumbnails from your Safari database to your website. Here is a good example of an Engineering-Specific website with Safari as the database beneath it:

Flexible Invoicing Options
We've designed Safari to work the way you want it. Our Billing exports are importable by most accounting software and payroll packages so you can use the back-office software you choose. We also have a complete, integrated back-office that includes temp payroll if you prefer. And you can customize your invoices for Temps, Contractors, Direct Hire and Perm placements from Safari.





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