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Installation Options and Services

Safari is easy to install

Safari is a simple 2-disk install. The first Disk installs the database, the second installs Safari. Step-by-step instructions are included if you want to do it yourself.

We'll install it for you! Included free on all systems
Our Techs are happy to connect to your server and install the database and Safari for you. This service is FREE to our customers. There is only a small browser application that you would need to install on your workstations.

We'll load your screens and forms Included free on all systems
Prior to shipping your system, we are going to ask you for your Application forms, any Client forms, and Job Order forms. Our Techs will build them into your system before we ship it so your staff can use the forms they already know right away when they start with Safari. They will be already there!

Runs on all common network and PC's
You will not need any special hardware for Safari. It runs on all common networks and across multiple PC platforms at the same time. And with our switchable video modes, even your older PC's can still function as Workstations to save you even more money!

Data Conversion Optional

If you have data currently in another program or database, we'd like to convert it and load it into your Safari system for you. Typically, this is done before we ship your system to you so your Applicants and Clients are already in Safari the first time you use it. You can send us a small sample of your data to confirm it can be converted and imported. Typical charge is a flat fee of $400 per database.




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