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Only from Safari

We have a single staffing software product and two ways to use it:   

  • as a On-Line model over the internet, or
  • a Site-Licensed model right in your office
    - unlike other systems that have completely different products for each.

    Benefits of the Safari Design :

    One Product, two installation options
    Our single-product concept means you have the freedom to start out on-line and later Bring your Safari database in-house (or visa-versa) and :

  • not have to re-train your staff to a different software product
  • not have to re-enter your data either - in fact - when you're ready we can literally burn your Safari On-Line account on a CD and ship it to you!

    Selectable Video Design™
    The exclusive Safari Selectable Video Design means ECONOMY.

    Video-intensive programs require heavy duty networks, expensive PC Workstations and a lot of infrastructure. Safari is designed to run efficiently on both old computers and new!

    ONLY SAFARI allows you to "pick your graphics" and pick your speed - tuning each workstation or PC to be as fast as it can be! Some computers in your office may be newer and more powerful than others. Each user can select the display and band-width that is best for their PC for optimum performance! Our Selectable Video Design™ means you will:

  • Not have to buy new or replace every PC in your office at once. Save $$$!
  • Offices with faster internet connections can turn on and enjoy more graphics, and your other offices with slower internet connections can turn off some graphics and go just as fast! Saves on monthly internet connection fees!


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