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The fastest menu system is no menu system.
Have you used software that makes you waste time opening and closing files as you navigate? To go from an Applicant to a Client or Job Order you must first exit the applicant file before you can open the next?

Aren't you ready for better productivity? To get more done than ever before? Then we have to throw out this old, tired file system. Some software products even dress it up to look like an office desk -

Safari is easy to use - no matter what your previous software experience may be.

  • Drop-down Options lists
    Every screen has drop down options lists and navigation aides.
    Most screens also have drop down lists from individual fields - just select the item or items you want with your mouse!

  • Hotkeys on every Screen
    In addition to the drop-down menus, we also display hotkeys for every option right on the screen for you. Now you do not even have to open an options list if you do not want to - the options for each screen are visible across the bottom and can be clicked on at any time.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    Some users prefer to keep their hands on the keyboard and not use a mouse. We've got them covered! Keyboard shortcuts for every option and menu are available everywhere, and consistent throughout the system so memorizing them is easy.

  • Hover-Help Messages that Make Sense
    As you "hover" with your mouse over a field in Safari, a small balloon will appear to tell you exactly what that item does and what it expects from you. Fast! Easy! Intuitive!

  • Fully Relational
    That means that everything is related to everything else it should be related to. Applicants are related to the Jobs you sent them on, and Jobs are related to the Client that gave the opening to you, etc. This saves you time because you do not have to chain thru menus to get where you want to be - you can just GO THERE - directly!

  • Integrated Software and Functions
    Safari has integrated Microsoft Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and WinFax Pro to provide you with the latest in speed and convenience. You do not have to exit Safari to use these programs, Safari launches and operates them for you! In addition, there are more than 72 different document formats that Safari knows how to launch and operate automatically, and export functions for Microsoft Excel and Access built-in.

  • Manual on-screen with your software
    Every screen and most fields have a Help button displayed - the manual is only 1 click away!




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