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As a resume database, Safari offers a fully-relational system that will expand to hold any number of records. And…

Unlimited Resume Database
With Safari, there is no limit to the amount or the type of data stored. Save text, Word, Videos, Audios, .avi, .bmp, .tiff, .jpg, .PDF, and 72 other formats. See them from your desk, and send them to others. Safari users with over 60,000 documents on file are common. Knowledge is power - and with Safari, your staff has more knowledge. No other applicant tracking software can hold as much data as Safari!

Automatic Imports and Filing
Safari actually learns - it can be trained to recognize data from multiple sources and to parse out that data into the right fields and file it away for you. Some resume databases can do this for one type of data, or information from one website - but Safari can do this for ALL COMMON DATA TYPES and an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF WEBSITES. Building a resume database has never been easier!

Private Web. Secure Web.
You can enjoy safe and secure website integration with Safari - posting your Job Openings to your website, and importing applications from your website - without the risks of locating your valuable resume database on your web server. The Safari system will stay safe and secure in your office and behind your firewall - and reach out to integrate with the websites (plural) you choose!

Powerful, Accurate Search Engine
There isn't a resume manager as fast, powerful, or flexible as the Safari search engine. With complete synonym technology, you can educate Safari which words, phrases, or abbreviations in your specialty are important - and what they mean. But we do not stop there - Safari's exclusive Implication TechnologyTM can also IMPLY skills where it sees other appropriate conditions - a Safari exclusive! Ask to see this remarkable tool that searches all documents, all data in all screens and all fields at the same time.

Send Multiple Resumes at One Time
With one simple flow-through process, you select multiple applicants to submit on that search assignment at the same time, choose which documents to send from their files as well as your own, and email or fax them in a single packet to your client.

Marketing the Safari Way
Use Safari to Mass-Mail, Broadcast Fax, and Broadcast eMail personalized, mail-merged announcements, fliers, letters and newsletters to all your Candidates and Retained Search Clients! This is where Safari's Resume Database Software can really promote your business for you!





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