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These special features make clerical, hourly, temp-to-perm, per-diem, and temporary staffing less complicated with Safari:

Tracking of personal schedules
Safari will actually keep track of all of your Temps, and what hours, shifts, days, and dates they are willing to work. It is easy to enter - and searchable!

Searching and ranking based on Availability
Of course Safari can search on skills and abilities, but after that Safari goes on to rank the qualified Hourlies for your assignment by which ones availability best matches the clients requirements. This is a real benefit in Temp Staffing!

Dated expirations on certificates
These days, there are licenses and certificates required in almost every industry and everywhere you look. Tracking these on all your Temps would be a difficult and time-consuming task if you do not have Safari. And the liability from sending out a Temp with an expired license could ruin your business! Safari not only tracks multiple licenses and certificates, but can alert you prior to their expiration on all your temps. Another Temporary Staffing Solution from Safari!

Automated entry for Walk-ins
Does your Temp Agency have a lot of Walk-ins? The paperwork alone that they generate can cost you plenty of resources and payroll to process correctly. That is, unless you have them enter themselves into your Safari system. Turn your lobby into an intake area and let those Applicants enter their own data into your database with Safari's exclusive A.C.E.S. (Automated Candidate Entry System)! Completely automated, fully secured, and does not require constant supervision.

Profitability Protected
You can set the markup for your Hourly assignments and it cannot be overridden without a managers approval. Even the minimum markup is protected - so you do not take assignments that would loose you money. And, when a special client negotiates a special fee, Safari memorizes that fee on the Contacts file so it is remembered automatically on each new Job Order.

Automated Timesheet Entry
Safari has two solutions to your timesheet problem: either 1) have the Safari Billing module automatically build and enter the timesheets for you - (all that is left is for you to validate the timesheets when they come in), or 2) use our on-line electronic timesheet system to allow the Employees to enter their own hours over the internet, and your clients to approve and electronically sign-off on them.

Not One - but Two BackOffice Solutions
Accounting, A/P, A/R, Invoicing and Payroll the way you like it. We offer your choice of a complete timesheet and invoicing system in the Safari Front Office that will export to your current back-office software; or a complete, fully-integrated back-office solution that will run your whole Company. Especially designed for contract staffing - this is your complete staffing solution!

Safari screens can be easily adjusted to talk clerical, per-diem, administrative assistant, office assistant, office administration, light industrial, you-name-it. You don't have to put up with screens designed by someone that doesn't know your business like you do.





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