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Carl Fausett, CPC
Recruiter Trainer

In addition to excellent Software Training, Safari Software Products is pleased to also be able to offer RECRUITER TRAINING from one of the most in-demand recruiter trainers:
Carl Fausett, CPC

Carl can be scheduled to your Association, Convention, or Office to deliver his own brand of effective, real-world expertise in staffing.

Summary of Qualifications
List of Topics
Schedule of Fees

Summary of Qualifications

Carl has been involved in the automation, setup, and re-training of hundreds of employment agencies and personnel departments. He is completely up-to-date with modern tools and the automation of the art of recruiting - and what software and automation can and cannot be expected to do.

Has written training manuals and aids that are used in 4 countries.

Is one of the most frequently booked Trainers in the industry, training an average of 20 sites per year.

Carl has 21 years of experience and knowledge in the Staffing Industry to pull from when training your staff, including:

  • 12 years of direct experience as an Executive Recruiter in the Food, Drug and Grocery Products industries, where, in one 5-year period, he personally generated placements accumulating over $4,106,000 in salaries.
  • 14 years of experience as a Sales Manager and Sales Trainer managing and training staffs of up to 72 salespersons.
  • 18 years as a Trainer of Personnel Consultants on interviewing issues.
  • 11 years as a software and automation consultant for Staffing firms and HR Departments.

He has operated a successful permanent placement firm with 41 affiliates and two locations, and a temp firm (and automated them both).

Operates several eCommerce businesses in the Staffing Industry in modern times including:

Certified Personnel Consultant (C.P.C.) by the National Association of Personnel Consultants (N.A.P.C.)

National Association Chair and C.P.C. Regent for 7 Midwestern states, 1990.

Board of Directors, Wisconsin Association of Personnel Consultants, 1990, 1991, where he contributed to the de-regulation of the Employment Agency industry in Wisconsin in 1992.

Featured speaker to the Society of Packaging and Handling Engineers.
Topics: "Technical resume writing"; "Preparing for and conducting Yourself in a Engineering Interview".

Guest lecturer at the Wisconsin Association of Personnel Consultants 1992 annual convention.
Topic: "Preparing Applicants for Interviews".

Guest lecturer at the Wisconsin Association of Personnel Consultants 1995 annual convention.
Topic: "Automating your Employment Agency".

Prepared College-level adult education courses on the following topics:
"How to write a resume that gets results" and "Winning Techniques for Job Interviews"

References have indicated up to 300% gains in placement activity following Carl's training!


List of Topics

Here is a short list of topics that Carl is most frequently asked to speak or train on:

Top Techniques of Preparing Applicants for Interviews
(How and Why applicant preparation prior to the interview yields big results)

Automating Employment Agencies and HR Departments
(What works, what doesn't, what computers can do and what they can't)

Split-fee and Commission practices
(Eliminating bad internal policies that cost you money!)

Cataloging Applicant information to Close with
(What to record now to close deals with later!)

Taking a Job Order to Make Money
(How the right techniques at JO time pay off big later)

…and Carl can also develop a special topic for your group based upon your needs.




Phone: (920) 485-4100

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